Vehicle Program

In order to meet the needs of our customers, according to their desire to have one program and not multiple programs. The foundations of the production of Vehicle exhibitions program have been established according to market requirements

Vehicle program:

The program has some features as follows: :

  • Ability to prepare multiple data for vehicles including type - Model - Brand - Color - Country of manufacture.
  • Ability to display specifications of vehicles upon type and categories.
  • Ability to determine the importer of each vehicle
  • Validity of looking for or not looking for the cost
  • Ability to reserve the vehicle with advanced payment
  • There is sale system for vehicles including:-
  • Cash sale system of vehicles
  • Installment sale system
  • System of lease vehicles
  • Vehicles hire with driver
  • Vehicles lease without driver
  • Vehicles reservation system with payment
  • System of leasing vehicles for a limited period
  • System of Maintenance Workshop of Vehicles Exhibition
  • Ability to insert vehicle's picture in the vehicle album
  • Ability to add expenses, for example, the extraction of plates and application or without
  • Ability to save vehicles sold previously in previous years including the name of the buyer, the ID number, address and telephone to be referred to when needed.
  • Ability to make contract of sale according to the type of contract of the exhibition that can be changed at any time and when the sales invoice is saved, the contract is done directly.
  • Insert customs card in the purchases and according to the system of some companies, it has been used deferred discount for new vehicles after selling certain quantity in a certain period of time.

Workshop System

The workshop system is an integrated vehicle of maintenance system that can be connected to the system with special specifications for the vehicles received for maintenance represented in:

  • Permission to insert vehicles
  • Permission of exit vehicles
  • Preparation of maintenance work order
  • Preparation of maintenance statement
  • Multiple additional details with a number of reports that serve the workshop system


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