Inventory System

The system of following-up the stores is the main theme of all corporations and commercial establishments aimed to profit. The system of Osus designed to be used in all different fields and activities whether large-term and small-term establishments which have multi stores, activities and fields. The system of stores is related actually to sales or purchases with its different types, external purchases, production, and inventory settlements

Inventory System

There are many abilities that could not be count and we will show you the main head office without details:

  • Using serial number for the categories or two numbers for agencies, vehicle exhibitions and tanks, as well as facilitating following-up guarantee.
  • Ability to determine liabilities of types and ability to determine types which are not allowed to any liabilities on it
  • Using barcode with types during clearance, sale, purchase and transfer
  • Ability to deal by multi units (gram – grain – kilo – carton)
  • Sale and transfer lots of available amount of inventory according to validities
  • Liabilities on types are more than way for flexibility in use
  • Ability to inquiry for detailed type movement during determined period
  • Ability to enter card for each type contains all its data
  • Using inventory registration moved to adjust inventory accounts
  • Ability to use more than store on a branch
  • Ability to make sale or purchase bills from more than store
  • Ability to dividing categories into groups – sites – categories
  • Inquiry about unit movement inside category
  • Ability to inquire about type validity dates
  • Using automatic numbers for types starting by determined number
  • Ability to use validity date for category
  • Ability to use serial number for category
  • Warning around types reached the request limit
  • Ability to show statistics about types
  • Ability to transfer into category between Warehouses
  • Showing report of volume of transactions around a category
  • Using validity date of category
  • Ability to prepare order plan of types
  • Ability to use free amounts
  • Ability to use alternative type
  • Processing cost by many ways
  • Ability to determine category weight
  • Statistics reports of inventory
  • Ability to link category with picture
  • Existing of collected offer system
  • System of categories occasion
  • Link type with determined resource

Huge group of reports for stores and inventory such as:

  • List of sale prices
  • List of warehouse inventory
  • Preparing warehouse memorandum
  • Reports of collected offers
  • Reports of validity dates
  • Reports of category serial
  • Report of count category request limit
  • Report of monthly and daily movement of types
  • Report of stagnant categories till making preamble for its sale
  • The system provides more than 200 report about stores and inventory.

Existing number of service programs following-up and adjusting inventory such as:

  • Ability to recount the cost of categories
  • Ability to adjust the category site to other site
  • Ability to prepare cash document and receipt of safe goods
  • Ability to transfer movements conducted from category to other category
  • Ability to cancel categories that have no previous movements and have no any balance
  • Ability to copy the cards of the categories from existed warehouse to new one
  • Ability to amend sale prices in terms of increase or decrease in the warehouse or type group

Transfers among warehouses

  • Ability to receive directly the transferred just by saving
  • Ability to bring transfer order from file created previously
  • Ability to prepare transferring by preparing previous transfer
  • Transfer by cost or by sale price of types
  • Ability to transfer to warehouse by the branch price
  • Warning about the transfers which were not received
  • Ability to consider the accounting registration for each transfer
  • Ability to transfer from warehouse to another or from branch to another
  • Ability to save the transfer in excel file for using it later
  • Show conversion orders received at once with ability to receive multiple conversions at the same time.
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