Accounting System

Accounting system is deemed and considered one of strongest accounting programs designed by largest selection of programmers, systems Analysts and group of accountants on highest level, taking into account the requirements of employment market

Accounting System

Accounting system of Osus has many capabilities such as:

  • Ability to determine the starting date of accounting period, ending date and transferring to final accounts
  • Ability to enter opening balances in starting date of using with amending according to the validity
  • Ability to check the validity of opening balances and the need to balance
  • dividing accounting guide to credit and debit accounts and distributing it to assets and liabilities.
  • preparing bills for Customer Service and registering services submitted by suppliers
  • Ability to transfer salaries and bonus of delegates to accounting entry.
  • Ability to preparing daily double or mixed restrictions
  • Ability to follow-up checks under collection, feedback and collected
  • Ability to use cost centers and inventory of revenues and expenditures for each cost center.
  • Ability to use cash assets or take cash/checks, in addition to many other cash ways
  • Preparing order of issue voucher and preparing issue voucher by an order or without and Ability to follow-up issue vouchers.
  • Ability to registering Bank notifications and credit and debit notifications for customers and suppliers
  • System of registering, following-up, settling and transferring the covenant by many ways, meeting multi and variable systems
  • Preparing accounting guide contains many levels with assets and branches, to be used in many fields and companies, whether micro and limited enterprises or companies and establishments with multi branches

Huge group of reports such as:

  • Preparing income statement
  • Service bill report
  • Professor assistant of general accounts
  • Report of debit dates for suppliers
  • Schedules of debit date for customers
  • Report for each account during determined accounting period
  • Report of issue vouchers and paycheck during any financial period
  • balance account for customer or supplier or group of customers or suppliers
  • Show all account report in details or briefly
  • Report of registration assets for each account during any financial period
  • General daily reports for each account in details and briefly
  • Balance of reviewing data in whole or in details
  • Report list of cash flows and analysis of it
  • Account of trade with data in whole or in details
  • Report of opening balances of the accounts
  • account profits and losses in whole or in details
  • Analysis of account on month level
  • account statement of the fund separately
  • Ability to compare between balances for more than period
  • Report of change in financial position for certain period
  • Reports of credit and debit notifications
  • Report of uncollected checks status
  • Professor assistant for customers and suppliers
  • Bank statement in foreign currency
  • More than 50 reports serve account system

Fixed assets

The program deals with the fixed assets with its different kinds during stages of life span, dividing it into different categories. The program registers card for each asset which contains main data of the asset, in addition to follow-up all depreciation operations conducted in terms of the asset and all maintenance operations conducted to it. It has the ability to show all data related to any operations conducted in terms to the assets, showing accounting restrictions used in it, including the following operations:

  • Following-up the asset and the adding and deducting amounts to its value, in addition to the effect of that on the following depreciations
  • Following-up all previous operations by the ability to show and print the necessary data and different reports
  • Buying and entering new asset and registering all data in new card
  • Ability to account the depreciation of the asset during any period till ending the life span
  • Many ways to account the depreciation of the asset and the ability to determine depreciation way for each asset
  • Ability to make depreciation for all assets included in the program or make depreciation for certain category, as well as the ability to control in the end of account period of depreciation
  • The ability to make retirement of assets in any time of the life span for any reason and to change its status in order to effect the rest parts of the program by its current status
  • Following-up all maintenance operation of the asset and choosing whether the value
  • Many reports about assets and depreciation of assets
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