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    OSUS is one of leading institutions in Information Systems Programming that was founded in 1992 in Jeddah under name of "Zahret Zohal" that was changed to be OSUS, starting its activity in programming and devices. In 1993, it focused on establishing and developing some programs specially accounting software. On 31/1/1993 first project for OSUS was produced which is inventory and accounting software (DOS). In latest 1994 Real estate software DOS was produced. On 1996 OSUS branch in Riyadh was opened where the department was teleported and the real start of Osus has begun whereas it started to produce various, general and private commercial software. At beginning of 2002 all software programs were transferred to work through windows and using database SQL in most of them. In order to develop and benefit from the experience, thankfully, we purchased an office in Egypt that's considered OSUS assets with total area of 240m to open a branch in Egypt. A number of engineers with long experience in programming in KSA have been recruited to manage the branch. As well as on 2002 a branch was opened in Mukalla, Yemen. Starting in 2017 the company opened an official main center in Yemen Sana'a and branches in other governorates (Ibb- Ma'rib- Al Hudaydah). We also have a number of distributors in some cities of the Kingdom and some neighboring countries to distribute our production of programs.

  • Our goals in OSUS

    We aim to develop all solutions related to Information technology and electronic solutions for our clients to enable them continue in their business easily. We provide best integrated solutions in all consulting, programming fields and services after sale and simplify computer usage we produce. As we consider our clients are the measure of our success we look at them as partners and we seek consolidation of common interests bonds between us and commit to provide highest support level to reach the desired level with their work. We always seek to improve and develop our programs to keep our customers on top in all information technology fields

  • OSUS programs

    The development methodology is based on the integration of advanced software and the effective application of it in the fields of information systems. This balanced mix provides firm and robust solutions to ensure better working style and decision making. We have analyzed varied, complex and complicated problems and situations that face different activities using the best cadres in the field of information technology and with our experience in programming and system design. We have built flexible, non-rigid systems to achieve and meet goals of these various activities and conflict opinions that face businessmen. To stay in leadership circle in information technology we have to keep our level of quality which is continuing pursuit for every new in this field, whether it's related to devises, software or database system, and we have committed to this quality and we shall keep it

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